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Nike Speed Track

As lead technologist I worked with a team of developers, animators, lighting technicians and fabricators to create a 100+ camera bullet time rig connected to stage lighting & an iPad for control. Using a custom circuit board connected to RasberryPi’s we deployed a multi-layered networked software system to strategically capture, edit & output take-aways for approximately 500 participants a day over the course of 6 days. In order to deliver this content we created an automated system to update and render a unique take away video for each competitor over the course of the week.

Players were challenged to receive a ball from a jug machine and put the ball in the net. We timed participants over the course of the week to publish a leaderboard to showcase top performers.

Technologies Used: Node.js, RaspberryPi, AfterEffects, Custom Hardware, MaxMSP, HTML5/CSS3 & Canvas


Completed By Incredible Machines, PEDG & Control Freak Systems
Set Design, Production & Fabrication by Atomic