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Neighborhood Room

The Neighborhood Room is a custom projection mapping experience created for the 30 Park Place Sales Center. An elaborate modernist relief sculpture was created in resemblance of the city. We brought the sculpture to life, telling the story of the neighborhoods of downtown Manhattan. Sales agents interface with the walls and sculpture through an iPad, which enables them to bring up content about local amenities such as Restaurants, Schools & Fashion.

I co-led the development of a team technologists, UX Designers and Animators through the creation of an OpenFrameworks 3D image warping system & Video Player controlled by a CMS. A web socket API enabled communication between the ControllerApp and PlayerApp. A RESTful API provided connection to a Savant System controlling automation throughout the space. Users are able to update the text, images or video content through a system which automates changes and re-renders content overnight. Way finding and location mapping was created via algorithms in javascript and AfterEffects to programmatically calculate, animate and render pathfinding animations across the vertices of the sculpture.

Technologies Used:
OpenFrameworks, Node.js, MongoDB, AfterEffects, ExtendScripts, HTML5/CSS3


Created with Incredible Machines
Sculpture by Carol Egan
with agencies Mother NY and the Meta Agency